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Welcome to Line-Lan!
Here you can chat with other members, practice together or play against each other in tournaments.

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Welcome to BadLAN
This is the intranet software we're going to be using to coordinate the flow of information. We have a variety of things going on here, but here are a few hints for the website:

1. Make sure you register for prizes. Read the guide on the page to decide which method of registration you want to use.

2. You're free to participate in the other events we have available:

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start: 06:00 pm - fri 25 jan 2019
end  : 06:00 pm - sun 27 jan 2019

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Towt at 05:08 pm - Thu 24 Jan 2019
Done. I sat you. Now just Funky Jr

Terminus7 at 03:32 pm - Thu 24 Jan 2019
your post here.Terminus7 (username kevgraham7). I've joined. Please confim my seat as nuffsaid requested. Thanks!!! --Terminus.

Towt at 01:37 pm - Thu 24 Jan 2019
I've responded to you all via email. I've got you all in the lower left corner. Please see the PDF I attached to the email as the seating map was hard to get 100% accurate. When Terminus and Funky Jr join the intranet site, let me know and I'll seat th

Nuff_said at 05:25 am - Thu 24 Jan 2019
Can you folks help? We have tried a number of browsers and pcs to select seats. We would all like to sit together (Terminus, Nuff_Said, Funky and Funky Junior) The upper left corner of the map shows open but we can not select.

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